Adhering to the corporate brand mission of "add pepper flavor to the world", we are committed to the research and development of rattan pepper standardized seasoning and food culture. Through the combination of rattan pepper fresh pressing technology and traditional cooking technology, we take the original ecological green food as raw materials, adhere to the concept of "Green Intelligent Manufacturing", and open up the Chinese rattan pepper cultural and ecological industry with rattan pepper oil as the core brand.
  • 欧尚
  • 客语
  • 绝味食品
  • 九转小磨
  • 眉州东坡酒楼
  • 眉州东坡
  • 绿茶
  • 庐州太太
  • 令狐冲
  • 李先生
  • 李家小馆
  • 李二鲜鱼庄
  • 老乡鸡
  • 宽窄巷
  • 锦江宾馆
  • 家乐福
  • 煌上煌
  • 胡桃里
  • 红旗连锁
  • 海底捞
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