Green Sichuan Pepper Oil
Hongya specialty; Delicious and pungent for hundreds of years
110ml Green Sichuan Pepper Oil

●   Process: Triple combination of traditional root system, fresh pressed at room temperature and CO2 supercritical extraction

●   Slogan: strong fragrance in every drop,  numbing fresh in the mouth

●   Highlights:  ①300 years of intangible cultural heritage technology ②Hongya has its own rattan pepper base ③ non-GMO rapeseed oil

●   The hometown of Chinese Green pepper--Hongya, Sichuan, has been producing green pepper since ancient times. For hundreds of years, every June and July when the green pepper matures and every mile smells, every household has to make green pepper oil. Yaomazi green pepper oil, infiltrating Hongya green pepper culture for many years, and adopting the traditional method of reversible to the year of Qing ∙ Shunzhi (Meishan City Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project), combined with modern fresh-squeezing technology-level supercritical extraction process, the pure, rustic taste continues to today.