Sauce Series
Hongya specialty; Delicious and pungent for hundreds of years
Green pepper spicy sauce




●   Origin: The hometown of green sichuan pepper-Hongya County, Sichuan

●   Process: Cook ingredient separate, then mixing to make the sauce.

●   Slogan: One sauce in hand, delicious food you can make.

●   Feature: ①Hand made ②Master made ③Rich soup

●   Product introduction: LiaoDuoDuo Sauce is developed by the Sichuan cuisine master Zhao Yuejun, the inheritor of Meishan municipal intangible cultural heritage "Traditional Physical Squeeze "and the title of "Meritorious Craftsman".This product uses more than ten kinds of high-quality Sichuan-flavored raw materials and marinades, which are individually fried according to the cooking method of Sichuan cuisine, and then mixed to make the sauce so that each ingredient retains its own flavor and blends with each other. It has a unique flavor, spicy and delicious flavor, complementary taste, mellow and strong flavor, less oil and more ingredients, and the characteristics of eating vegetables like soup. One sauce in hand, delicious food you can make.

●   Application range: Can be cooked, instant food. It can be used as a multi-purpose cooking seasoning such as hot pot, boiled fish, grilled fish, cooking, stir-fry, dry pot, pasta, dip. Open the bag and put this product into 1 liter (about 2~3 bottles of mineral water) boiling water, then you can scald the meat and vegetable dishes. Each 300g of LiaoDuoDuo sauce can cook 1kg of fish, 1.5kg of pork, or the same amount of dishes. This product can also be used for cooking, stir-frying, dipping, etc. It can be added in an appropriate amount according to personal taste. It can also be used as a good raw material for catering and food production enterprises to enhance flavor and refreshments.

●   Appearance patent: packaging box (JinMazi LiaoDuoDuo-Green pepper sauce) (ZL 2017 3 0624875.3)