Sauce Series
Hongya specialty; Delicious and pungent for hundreds of years
Green Sichuan pepper elbow sauce





●   Origin: Chinese green pepper hometown - Sichuan Hongya

●   Slogan: Elbow sauce, just need one step 

●   Feature: Salty in sweet, double pepper aroma 

●   Product introduction: Clean, less water, little fire ; Do not rush until it is well-cooked ; this is the essence of "Dongpo Elbow", Mr. Dongpo left us the method of food. Time goes by, no matter how times change, dongpo Elbow, a delicious dish, has always followed our life. Following us, we are also affected by Mr. Dongpo's tough character and optimistic life style. Today, as Mr Dongpo of the native people, we will be their inheritance business for decades to cook "dongpo elbow " sauce sharing to Mr Su's fans and chefs, extensively to you in the cooking "dongpo elbow ", the original simple, ginger juice thick and salty in a large, double bell pepper spit fragrance sauce can make your "elbow" fertilizer delicious, fat but not greasy, fresh and vivid. May Mr. Dongpo's optimistic spirit also make your heart grow out of your mouth, wonderful and incomparable!  

●   Application: Applicable to Dongpo elbow.