Hongya specialty; Delicious and pungent for hundreds of years
Spicy sour sauce with green pepper

●   Origin: The hometown of Chinese green pepper -- Hongya, Sichuan 

●   Slogan: Delicious in just one step

●   Feature: (1) triple flavor (2) inviting fragrance, rich spicy flavor

●   Product introduction: Spicy sour sauce with green pepper. It is the basic flavor profile of Sichuan cuisine master Mr. Zhao Yuejun, based on the 25 flavors of Sichuan cuisine: "Spicy", "Sweet and Sour Flavor" and "Green Pepper Flavor", and in accordance with the traditional cooking concept of not conservative and innovative and innovate with development ideas; This product selects authentic raw materials and strictly adheres to traditional techniques, so that the three flavors of attractive fragrance, spicy, rich, sweet, sour and salty are blended into the mellow, and it is a flavor of Sichuan fragrance that is loved by the four seasons and the North and South of China either, also Yaomazi are committed to making the world's chefs the most convenient way to obtain safe, delicious, and authentic specialty condiments. 

●   Application: Pour this product into all kinds of fresh (or cooked) vegetables, stem vegetables, fish, shrimp, meat and other dishes that can be eaten raw and mix them well. It is easy to use. For each serving (about 300g), add about 150g of this product. No other condiments will be added.