Hongya specialty; Delicious and pungent for hundreds of years
Bo-Bo Chicken juice (spicy)





●   Origin: The hometown of green sichuan pepper-Hongya County, Sichuan

●   Process: airtight cooking process

●   Slogan: A juice made into a dish, convenient and fast, fragrant and fresh, unique flavor.

●   Feature: ① Authentic Sichuan style flavor ② 5 minutes inspire fragrance.

●   Product introduction: Bo-bo Chicken Juice is an innovation. It is a brand new exploration and discovery of the "Yaomazi people" on the tip of the tongue. The taste is more fragrant because of the green sichuan pepper. The taste is pure, because we didn’t change our original intention. We interpret the concept of a simple life with a natural color that has never been contaminated with the original taste and watches the essence of folk food. The fragrant and fresh hemp is a heritage, a tribute, and absorption of the delicious Sichuan tune by the "Yaomazi people". It is a century-old tradition and new chapters are inherited. We welcome the taste of our beloved with a tranquil, persistent, and true mind. People, let you enjoy a kind of relaxation and coziness that originated from the original heart!

●   Application range: After opening the bag, pour this product into a bowl, add 500g of drinking water (broth is better), and then add various prepared meat or vegetable skewers to soak for 5 minutes before eating. Due to the differences in personal tastes in the region, those who like spicy can add the green pepper oil and chili oil in an appropriate amount. In winter, the juice can be heated to about 50°C before eating, and the taste is better.