Hongya specialty; Delicious and pungent for hundreds of years
Five spcies Bo-bo chicken

●   Origin: Hongya, Sichuan, the hometown of Chinese green pepper

●   Slogan: Strong Sichuan fragrance from childhood, Yaoyao Jiao Ma’s hometown love

●   Feature: ①Frying plant spices ②Traditional process, non-fried

●   Product introduction: Yaomazi Bo-bo Chicken is one of the delicacies of Hongya County that condenses local characteristics and folk food culture. Its raw materials are free-range chickens that are left open in the mountains, under the forest, and eaten by insects. , The soup made with various spices and made by traditional crafts process. The varieties include pure fragrant green pepper chicken, spicy and strong red oil chicken, Litsea fragrant chicken with special aroma, and smoked chicken with strong flavour. The product does not add artificial spices, synthetic colors and preservatives. It is an ideal food for family banquets, leisure travel, and gifts to relatives and friends. Different tastes give you different experiences.